Keynote Speaker

Ronald C. Griffin


FAMU College of Law


As a visiting professor of law at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, Professor Griffin served as a scholar and consultant in the specialized field of international trade and sales. He was invited to observe the hearings of the Meech Lake Accord, Canada’s process for reconstructing its Constitution. His international study of law and culture has also included extended visits to Scotland, Ireland, South Africa and Japan.

Professor Griffin has published several articles including: Republicanism (Comment): How Can Blacks Revive a Constitutional Dream; Hill’s Account: Law School, Legal Education and the Black Law Student; and Broadcast Advertising: What Has It Done to the Audience, A Prairie Perspective on Global Warming and Climate Change.

Topic: The Rock: The Role Water Plays in Our Lives.


We live on a rock. It is divided into parts. There is the surface. the subsurface, and the core. Life sprouted on the surface because water, minerals, and climate gave it a toehold to flourish. Man (life’s latest experiment) dammed the rivers and scoured the earth. The intrepid poke holes in the planet, kicking up debris everybody is picking up. Men clustered here and there to make a living. Some drew circles around their neighbor’s aspirations and did their best to stay on their side of their neighbor’s lines. Sages asked folk to be neighborly; that is, to acknowledge the will to live in themselves and the will to live in other creatures. Of course, in all this trekking to sustain life and find peace, quiet, and justice, water united us. This paper (talk) chronicles what men have done in the past about water, forward thinking water management practices, and feuds and settlements between nations about water.

Keywords: Environment, Natural Resources, Water, and Climate Change

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