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Jeffrey Trambley

Musashino Gakuin University

Faculty of International Communication



Jeffrey Trambley is a professor at the Faculty of International Communication of Musashino Gakuin University in Japan and at the institution’s graduate school program. In Japan since 1997, he first spent 2 years as an Assistant English Teacher (AET) for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan on the JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) Programme in Fukushima Prefecture. His research interests span a variety of disciplines including EFL reading assessment methods, student motivation, gender bias in testing, and ICT usage. Currently, his research efforts focus on Olympic Education (OE) and the role of higher education in the Olympic Movement as well as how educational institutions can promote inclusion and diversity.

Welcome Message from Local Host and Keynote Speaker, Jeffrey Trambley

Allow me to warmly thank the organizers of the Asia-Pacific Conference on Business & Social Science (APCBSS 2020) taking place in January, 2020 in Nagoya, Japan. I'm honored to have the chance to officially welcome all participants and am looking forward to sharing my own perspectives with you all in my keynote speech. I am excited for this chance which brings us together in the wonderful city of Nagoya, to discuss the current challenges worldwide which are, without doubt, affecting us all.

The conference sessions will cover a wide spectrum of themes and tackle important issues in business, education and other related fields. I am confident that each one of you will identify subjects of your own interest and will benefit from the many fruitful and enriching discussions.  Additionally, the city of Nagoya is a hidden gem that offers an array of rich cultural experiences from a visit to the Noritake Gardens to learn about one of the famous porcelain makers from the Meiji era, to a day-trip to Takayama to taste local Japanese sake and see the old-fashioned folk architecture. Enjoy the local food specialities of miso katsu or spicy chicken wings or take a walk around historic Nagoya Castle.

As a professor at the Department of International Communication at Musashino Gakuin University, Japan. I am particularly excited to be present in this unique global event to exchange views and share experiences and expertise with other professors, researchers and  colleagues representing universities and relevant international organizations.

I congratulate all of you for your commitment and active participation and wish you success during your time in Nagoya.

Title:  The 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games: A Catalyst for Social Change and Development in Japan

Abstract: The Olympic Charter outlines the fundamental principles of Olympism and the rules adopted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Rule 2, Article 2 in the document stipulates that one of the important roles of the IOC is “to promote a positive legacy from the Olympic Games to the host cities and host countries. As Tokyo now enters the final preparations for hosting the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, this keynote speech will examine what exactly a legacy for the Games might look like including the less tangible social legacies especially regarding diversity and inclusion in Japanese society and the more concrete legacies such as smart city development and innovation.

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