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It is with the greatest of pleasure that I offer these welcoming comments to our delegates who have given their valued time to discuss, in our Higher Education Forum, their research topics, in this bustling city of Kuala Lumpur. It is heartening to see scholars from many different research disciplines and from numerous countries gather together in this forum which is designed for researchers to discuss their findings and conclusions. We share our knowledge and can learn a lot from other areas of study.

We each have different needs and challenges to overcome in our pursuit to achieve greater things and to aspire to higher levels in our career paths. Higher education is just one important stepping stone in that process.

Learning and teaching have been enhanced with the ever-changing technological advances. Digital case studies assist better demonstrate learner knowledge.  By April 2018, we witness how student laptops and mobile phones are transforming college computer laboratories. We also read of university libraries are being transformed from a facility where thousands of books to centres for pen source learning. I have personal experience relating to this trend which perhaps commenced in about 2005.

Permit me to mention just a few of the changes that institutions of higher education have undertaken or are in the process of taking in order to cope with the digital world. I draw my comments, in particular, from a publication titled ‘Teaching with Technology’, produced by D2L (desire to Learn), 2017 and indeed from other related material.

2018 Local Host

Professor Dr. Vivian Louis Forbes

Keynote Speaker


Florida A&M University, College of Law

Keynote Topic

"Ghost Town: The Death of Marriage, the Birth of Cohabitation, and the Emergence of the Single Woman"

There are lots of couplings. Too many are falling apart. The disaster scene has sparked panic. Men and women are casting about for arrangements and deeper relationships to cope with the economic insecurity, uncertainty, and loneliness in their lives. Two American women shared their anthem with me.  They said: “You have to look at your surroundings and take stock of yourself. As a woman I can see things and I can write about them. But I can’t capture with crystal clear clarity the words I want to use to proclaim myself. To the world I want to say this: I want to be free. Self expression is my business. I am a fighter and a free spirit. I want people to leave me alone. As a woman down to money and power. You need both to be free and an independent human being.  I want to it comes be…full stop…and contract with whom I please. I want all the privileges, prerogatives, spaces, and luxuries afforded men. Equality is not the only quest in my life. It is a way station on a longer road to secure something more glorious and gratifying.” This sassy proclamation (feminist in tone) forewarns everybody, indeed, foreshadows a society that is morphing. For some women living alone is alright. For other women romance has supplanted marriage. For a few, perhaps, more than a few, cohabitation is a suitable substitute.  This essay assays these claims; uses plays as a trope for reviewing things; revisits historical data about traditional marriage; recounts the reasons for erecting traditional marriages; looks at the debris left behind by failed marriages; probes the arguments for and against traditional marriage; explores cohabitation and same sex relationships; reports on odd man made contrivances scooping up the debris left behind by failed marriages; exploring, at the very end, the plight of some women living abroad.

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